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Publications & Presentations

Deep Imputation on Large-Scale Drug Discovery Data

Preprint Paper. Abstract More accurate predictions of the biological properties of chemical compounds would guide the selection and ... Read More

Data Imputation through Deep Learning

This article was published in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology magazine, Autumn/Winter 2020 Data Imputation through Deep ... Read More


GalaXi® Search Tool

The GalaXi® Search Tool is an add-on to StarDrop which searches the WuXi GalaXi® space for compounds that are similar to a query ... Read More

MMV Antimalarial Scoring Profile

This scoring profile was developed in collaboration with James Duffy of Medicines for Malaria Ventures (MMV) and represents their ... Read More


R-group Clipping of Reagents for Library Enumeration

This example explores some of the challenges typically encountered in scaffold-based library design, in particular the task of creating Read More

SeeSAR Affinity – Binding Affinity and Torsion Angle Analysis of Virtual Libraries

This worked example explores ways to assess the binding affinity of docked compounds. The compounds in this example were generated as ... Read More


Reaction-based Library Enumeration

Held on 23 February 2021. Webinar - Reaction-based Library Enumeration This webinar was presented by Matt Segall, Peter Hunt and Imants Read More

From Similarity to SAR

Held on 2 February 2021. From Similarity to SAR - Interactive navigation of similarity relationships to guide optimisation This webinar Read More

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