A proven artificial intelligence platform for active learning in drug discovery

Active Learning

Active learning to highlight new opportunities and guide more efficient compound optimisation

AI-Guided Drug Discovery

Use deep learning imputation to:

Gain more value from your compound data

  • Capturing complex relationships between structures, activities and other properties on a scale that cannot be achieved using conventional tools
  • Supporting chemical space exploration beyond conventional QSAR models

Increase confidence in decision making and lead optimisation

  • Using accurate uncertainty estimates to prioritise compounds with the highest chance of success
  • Avoiding missed opportunities due to missing, uncertain or inaccurate data

Reduce costs and accelerate discovery cycles

  • Targeting the best compounds and reducing synthesis cycles
  • Focusing your experimental resources on the most valuable measurements

Proven Technology

Cerella™ uses a unique, peer-reviewed deep learning method, with demonstrated successes in drug discovery.

Cerella™ is powered by Alchemite™, a deep learning method developed by Optibrium’s technology partner Intellegens Limited. In collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, Optibrium has rigorously demonstrated Alchemite’s unique benefits over conventional modelling methods in peer-reviewed studies [1,2,3], resulting in reductions in cost and time of discovery cycles.

Scalable & Secure

Cerella™ offers cloud-enabled deployment, scaling from individual projects to global pharma databases. Data in the cloud are anonymised and fully encrypted in transit and at rest, and a multi-level security model controls access.

Automatically updates deep learning models using the latest data, accessed through a direct connection with your data sources

Fills in a ‘massive matrix’ of experimental and imputed data, scaling to address the ‘big data’ challenge to search billions of data points and access results quickly

Provides seamless access to the results and models in Optibrium’s StarDrop software or any platform via a RESTful interface

The most sensitive data, such as compound structures and data, never leave your private network

Augmented Chemistry

Augmented Chemistry™ software and services from Optibrium bring ground-breaking artificial intelligence technologies that continuously learn from all available data to supplement your experience and skills. Augmented Chemistry™ software proactively highlights interesting patterns and valuable conclusions by analysing all information, enabling you to achieve your goals and make more effective decisions.

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