Introducing StarDrop 6.4

Docking and Alignment

StarDrop’s new Pose Generation Interface seamlessly links expertly prepared 3D docking and alignment models with data visualisation, 2D SAR analyses and predictive models in a single, elegant environment.

This enables you to evaluate multiple iterations of designs in 3D in real time. Inspection of the returned poses gives an understanding of key binding interactions, while also considering data from experiments and other predictive methods.

Computational chemists can make their validated 3D models available to their colleagues via StarDrop’s Pose Generation Interface, which is compatible with software from major computational chemistry providers, including:

  • FlexX™ – BioSolveIT
  • Gold™ – Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
  • MOE™ – Chemical Computing Group
  • AutoDock Vina – The Scripps Research Institute
  • POSIT™ – OpenEye Scientific
  • …extendable to other third party applications

The Pose Generation Interface is available as an extension to StarDrop. To find out more about StarDrop and the pose Generation Interface, to arrange an online demonstration or to try StarDrop for yourself, please contact us.

StarDrop - Pose Generation Interface

SeeSAR and BIOSTER Modules

The SeeSAR module has been upgraded to further enhance to its visualisations of protein-ligand complexes. The BIOSTER module has also been updated and now contains over 28,000 precedented transformations, complete with references to the original publications, for use within Nova.

Further Enhancements

New copy-and-paste support enables you to simply copy selected compound identifiers, structures and any data directly from StarDrop and instantly create summary tables within Excel, Word, PowerPoint®, etc. to present and share your results.

In addition, StarDrop 6.4 now supports import, export and editing of enhanced stereochemistry definitions; significant improvements have been made to performance and memory use, making it easier to work with large data sets and many more features; and usability enhancements include new functions for manipulation of data and text and shortcuts for tagging compounds.

StarDrop - Copy-and-paste
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