Working Seamlessly With Your Infrastructure

As an enterprise platform, StarDrop’s comprehensive data analysis, visualisation and compound design environment has been built to work seamlessly with your informatics infrastructure. Here are some illustrative examples…

Access your databases from StarDrop

StarDrop integrates seamlessly with your databases enabling users to retrieve project data quickly and easily. A few examples of the ways our customers are already doing this include:

  • Access your data using StarDrop's Query Interface
  • Direct queries to Oracle databases generating report tables
  • Web services using formatted queries
  • Connect to cloud-based databases such as CDD Vault®
  • Third party middle-ware, for example BIOVIA's Pipeline Pilot,™ Certara's D360™ or The Edge's BioRails™
  • Instantly update StarDrop analyses with the latest data using StarDrop's 'refresh' feature

Seamlessly link to 3D docking and alignment models

StarDrop links your expertly prepared 3D docking and alignment models with data visualisation, 2D SAR analyses and predictive models in a single, elegent environment. This enables you to:

  • Access your 3D docking and alignment models using starDrop's Pose Generation Interface
  • Evaluate multiple iterations of design in 3D in real time
  • Compatible with major computational chemistry providers; for example BioSolveIT's FlexX™, CCDC's Gold™, Chemical Computing Group's MOE™ and OpenEye Scientific's POSIT™

Integrate your models, scripts and protocols directly with StarDrop

Interact with other informatics platforms to complement StarDrop's features, for example you can:

  • Make predictions with in-house or third party models
  • Run custom scripts or protocols from platforms such as BIOVIA's Pipeline Pilot
  • Launch StarDrop from other platforms with data loaded for analysis and visualisation
  • Display the results from your in-house analyses in Card View

Connect to commercial supplier and public databases

StarDrop has the ability to integrate with third party databases so that you can quicly search for commercially available screening compounds to enrich your understanding of your chemistry SAR or select building blocks. You can also seamlessly retrieve biological results from public databases. Examples of these free to download extensions include:

Interact with StarDrop from other platforms

Many of StarDrop's capabilities can also be accessed from your own informatics platform via web services, for example you can:

  • Make predictions using StarDrop's models
  • Run custom models built using the Auto-Modeller module
  • Calculate probabilisitic scores against property profiles

To learn more about StarDrop and how it can integrate with your infrastucture please contact us.

StarDrop - integration
"For examples of running proprietary or third party models, getting data via Pipeline Pilot, Python scripting etc. please visit the Optibrium Community. You are free to choose and download anything of interest to you."
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