Software That Guides You To Successful Drug Discovery

With its highly visual, easy-to-use interface, StarDrop guides you through each stage of the compound selection and design process.

Quickly identify more effective compounds

Successful compounds require a balance of many different properties: potency, ADME, safety... StarDrop guides you through this 'multi-parameter optimisation' challenge to target compounds with the best chance of success, saving you time and resources by synthesising fewer compounds.

Freedom to think your way

StarDrop's Card View provides a unique way to look at your compound data, clearly representing the relationships between your compounds to highlight the best chemistries and optimisation strategies.

Make decisions with confidence

StarDrop helps you to make confident and objective decisions. Its unique approach to multi-parameter optimisation integrates data from many sources to prioritise compounds for your project's specific goals, while allowing for the inherent uncertainty in discovery data to avoid missing valuable opportunities.

Flexible integration

StarDrop can connect seamlessly with your models, informatics methods and databases. By providing user-friendly access to these resources, it makes project management quicker and simpler.


A modular suite of software with
a range of plug-in modules

StarDrop comes with a range of optional plug-in modules
that help you to explore and manage your data



Derek Nexus

Predict key
properties prior
to synthesis

Quantum mechanical
simulations of
drug metabolism

Knowledge based
toxicity prediction



MPO Explorer

Analyse data
and produce
predictive models

Understand and
apply 3D SAR

optimisation strategies




3D Structure-
based design

A new generation
of possibilities

A world of

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