Identify more effective compounds

Designing and selecting compounds with an optimal balance of potency, ADME and other properties is a challenge and is where so much drug discovery research fails. By highlighting high-quality chemistries StarDrop guides your research to achieve 'multi-dimensional optimisation' and targets areas of investigation with the best potential for success.

Within StarDrop you can define the optimal property profile for your project and use it to score all of your chemistry. StarDrop's unique probabilistic scoring allows for all uncertainty within the data, allowing you to confidently identify compounds most likely to meet your requirements.

To help to guide improvements to molecules to improve their properties, StarDrop's interactive designer provides a unique Glowing Molecule that highlights regions of compounds with a strong influence on predicted properties.

StarDrop - Probabilistic Scoring
"An example of this can be seen in the case study "Balancing Properties in Lead Optimisation""
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