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Optibrium Launches Cerella™, a Novel Artificial Intelligence Platform for Active Learning in Drug Discovery

Cerella™ is proven to accelerate drug discovery and increase confidence in lead optimisation

Optibrium™ announces the launch of Cerella™, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform for drug discovery that delivers active learning using advanced deep learning methods. Cerella™ leverages the unique Alchemite™ algorithm, which has been demonstrated to extract additional value from drug discovery data to make more accurate predictions, prioritise experimental efforts and increase confidence in decisions. It thereby reduces costs and improves cycle times while targeting high-quality compounds.

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The launch of Cerella™, our ground-breaking Augmented Chemistry™ software.
Join our webinar: Deploying Cerella™ for Active Learning using Deep Learning Imputation
Tuesday 27 October at 4.00pm (UK)
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Mario Öeren, Peter J. Walton, Peter A. Hunt, David J. Ponting, Matthew D. Segall - Predicting Reactivity to Drug Metabolism: Beyond P450s – Modelling FMOs and UGTs, Preprint paper. More publications...

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Ben Irwin presented "Practical Applications of Deep Learning to Imputation of Drug Discovery Data" at the AI3SD Network+ Conference - Winchester Science Centre, November 2019. More presentations...

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