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Optibrium Enters Cheminformatics Collaboration with MSD

The collaboration will see the integration of Optibrium’s StarDrop™ software as a central component of MSD’s global drug discovery infrastructure

Optibrium™, has announced a collaboration with MSD tradename of Merck & Co., Inc, Kenilworth NJ USA. As part of the collaboration MSD has adopted Optibrium’s StarDrop™ software as a central component of their cheminformatics infrastructure.

The collaboration, between MSD and Optibrium will include integration of StarDrop™ with MSD’s in-house capabilities and the joint development of new tools, to improve cycle times, efficiency and productivity of the drug discovery process.

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Informatics for Effective Drug Discovery
Advances in informatics technology are inspiring a new generation of innovative products that streamline and enhance the efficiency and productivity of drug discovery. This event brought together speakers at the forefront of drug research and development, and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies for small molecule design, optimisation and data-analysis.

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Mario Öeren, Peter J. Walton, Peter A. Hunt, David J. Ponting, Matthew D. Segall - Predicting Reactivity to Drug Metabolism: Beyond P450s – Modelling FMOs and UGTs, Preprint paper. More publications...

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Ben Irwin presented "Practical Applications of Deep Learning to Imputation of Drug Discovery Data" at the AI3SD Network+ Conference - Winchester Science Centre, November 2019. More presentations...

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