Optibrium creates elegant software solutions for small molecule design, optimisation and data analysis. Optibrium has three products ranging from its enterprise class StarDrop™ software, through its iPad® app Asteris™, to Ocura™ which can be downloaded for free.


StarDrop™ is a suite of software for guiding decisions in drug discovery, helping project teams identify high-quality compounds, fast. StarDrop brings confidence and intuitive simplicity to decision-making; guiding and validating the direction you take and which compounds you prioritise. It works by evaluating all of your project's complex data, which is often uncertain because of experimental variability or predictive error.Its interactive tools then enable you to efficiently explore ways to further improve your chosen compounds.

With its highly visual, easy-to-use interface, StarDrop guides you through each stage of the compound selection and design process. StarDrop's unique Card View provides a freeform environment to explore and organise your project data, capturing the relationships between your compounds the way you think about them; break free from the constraints of spreadsheets and lists to quickly find high quality compounds and new optimisation strategies.

StarDrop's core features can be extended with a wide range of optional plug-in modules that provide comprehensive capabilities for in silico compound optimisation.


Asteris™ is an iPad® app for drug discovery that gives creative scientists the power to quickly explore high quality compound ideas, anywhere, at any time. Asteris combines best-in-class chemistry drawing tools with the most visually informative predictive modeling available on app or PC. With Asteris you’re free to evaluate new compound ideas when and where you want, no longer limited to sitting in an office or in front of a computer; Asteris makes the best use of your time.

Asteris uses Chirys Draw’s™ state-of-the-art touch interface to deliver an innovative ideas space, enabling you to explore a much wider range of designs, beyond the constraints of traditional computational tools. Using StarDrop’s predictive modelling power, guided by the Glowing Molecule™ visualization, instant feedback dramatically reduces the time it takes you to identify high quality compound designs. And because the Asteris platform is mobile, you can easily improve ideas by quickly sharing and collaborating with team members.


This free and easy-to-use Windows® and Mac® desktop application is specifically designed for scientists who want a simple way to load a set of molecule structures and easily browse through the data. Ocura enables you to simply load, scroll though, sort and manage data in a new way, providing the ability to view and manipulate chemical structures.

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