Our Partners

Optibrium is proud to be able to name the following companies as partners whose support and technology provide a fundamental base for the continued development of StarDrop, Sentira, Ocura and Asteris

BioSolve IT

Optibrium and BioSolveIT have a collaboration to share proprietary technologies. This will see the integration of BioSolveIT's SeeSAR capabilities to work with 3D structural information in Optibrium's StarDrop. For more information please visit www.biosolveit.de/.

Lhasa Limited

Optibrium and Lhasa Limited have formed a partnership to integrate the Derek Nexus™ platform for knowledge-based prediction of compound toxicity as an optional plug-in module for StarDrop. For more information please visit www.lhasalimited.org/.


Optibrium and Cresset collaborate on the integration of Cresset's torch™ software, to help chemists understand the three-dimensional structure-activity-relationship of their chemistry in order to design active compounds. For more information please visit www.cresset-group.com

NextMove Software

Optibrium and NextMove Software collaborate on the integration of NextMove Software's Matsy technology to generate and search databases of matched molecular series with StarDrop'sNova module. For more information please visit www.nextmovesoftware.com


Optibrium and iKem Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi BT have partnered to collaborate on the integration of iKem's unique BIOSTER™ database of precedented transformations with StarDrop's Nova module.


Optibrium and Certara have a collaboration to provide their mutual customers with an integrated solution linking Optibrium’s StarDrop with Certara’s D360™ platform. For more information please visit www.certara.com


Optibrium and ChemAxon have collaborated to integrate ChemAxon’s Plexus with Optibrium’s StarDrop software suite further enabling researchers to develop strategies for efficient, high quality compound library design. For more information please visit www.chemaxon.com


Optibrium is a participant of the Accelrys Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner program and uses Accelrys' Pipeline Pilot to create components that integrate StarDrop with Accelrys technologies, helping to ensure that researchers can easily access and integrate all of the technologies they need.

Integrated Chemistry Design

Optibrium and Integrated Chemistry Design have collaborated to develop Asteris™, an iPad® app that combines highly intuitive chemistry drawing tools with StarDrop's ADME QSAR modelling. For more information please visit www.inchemdesign.com

Molecular Networks

Optibrium and Molecular Networks collaborate to share complementary technology platforms; Molecular Network's algorithms can be accessed through Optibrium's StarDrop platform for guiding compound selection and design decisions in drug discovery. CORINA provides high quality structures as input to StarDrop's P450 metabolism models


Xemistry provides a base for perception and display of chemical structures enabling StarDrop to provide interactive access to chemical information. The underlying CACTVS toolkit is just one of a number of successul technologies provided by Xemistry. You can see a presentation about Xemistry's core competencies in our community area.

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