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Incorporate % CV into pIC50?
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Incorporate % CV into pIC50?
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How to include the standard deviation estimates for potency? I have mean and SD estimates of IC50. If you are calculating pIC50, do you also calculate pSD?
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Re:Incorporate % CV into pIC50?
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That's a great question! There are a couple of ways to do this depending on how your standard deviations are represented.

If they are represented as factors then when you calculate the pIC50s, taking the log of the factor will give you the standard deviation in the pIC50.

If they are represented by numbers then you'll need to calculate them explicitly, which is a little trickier.

The good news is that whichever way you have them represented, you can use StarDrop's mathematical function editor to calculate both the pIC50s and their standard deviations.

1. Import your data as IC50 values and specify the standard deviations as you do this
2. Start the mathematical function editor.
3. Assuming your IC50s are Molar and your column of IC50s is called "IC50" use the function:


If you have uM values then use 6-log{IC50} instead, if you have nM IC50s use 9-log{IC50} etc.

StarDrop will then calculate the standard deviations for you at the same time, propagating the error through the function.

Get directly in touch with stardrop-support@ if you would like any specific advice or need more help with this.
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