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Augmented Chemistry™ software and services from Optibrium bring ground-breaking artificial intelligence technologies that continuously learn from all available data to supplement your experience and skills. By proactively analysing all information, Augmented Chemistry™ software highlights interesting patterns and valuable conclusions, enabling you to achieve your goals and make more effective decisions.

Optibrium’s extensive track record of successfully introducing the latest machine learning technologies to drug discovery, and our intimate knowledge of the unique challenges of drug discovery and the underlying data, enable us to go beyond the hype and deliver results that make a difference.

Augmented Chemistry™ – Cerella™

Extract more value from your compounds data, confidently target high-quality compounds and accelerate discovery cycles


Cerella™ uses a unique, peer-reviewed deep learning method, with demonstrated successes in drug discovery.


Cerella™ offers cloud-enabled deployment, scaling from individual projects to full corporate compound repositories.


Cerella™ implements multi-level security, fully under your control. Data are fully encrypted and anonymised in the cloud.

Augmented Chemistry™ – services to support your projects

We are delighted to announce the first component of the Augmented Chemistry™ platform, a unique "deep learning" capability called Alchemite™, powered by Intellegens, that has already been demonstrated to provide more accurate and confident results than conventional predictive models.

Building on our successful collaborations with global pharma and biotech, you can now access this cutting-edge technology exclusively in collaboration with Optibrium.

Augmented Chemistry™ – Deep Learning with Alchemite™

Developed in an exclusive partnership with Intellegens, Alchemite™ deep learning brings unparalleled modelling capabilities that learn simultaneously across all experimental endpoints in your project or corporate database, even based on limited data. The resulting model automatically highlights the most confident, and therefore accurate, predictions on which to base your decisions.

  • Confidently identify your most valuable compounds and the most important experiments to perform
  • 'Fill in the gaps' in your database with confident results to target high-quality compounds
  • Run virtual screens to find new starting points for your projects

Augmented Chemistry Augmented Chemistry
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