We're going be at a number of events in 2017 where we'll be glad to give a live demonstration of just what StarDrop can do for you - you'll even be able to try it out yourself! We'll announce further events later in the year, so keep an eye out for an event near you.

These are some of the events we will be attending in 2017

20th – 24th August 2017, ACS Fall 2017 National Meeting Exposition, Washington, DC, USA

27th – 31st August 2017, EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, Vienna, Austria

10th – 13th September 2017, 19th RSC/SCI Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Cambridge, UK

17th - 22nd September 2017, Summer School in Drug Design, Vienna, Austria

24th – 28th September 2017, 21st North American Regional ISSX Meeting, Providence, RI, USA

15th – 17th November 2017, World Preclinical Congress – Europe, Lisbon, Portugal

These are the events we've already attended in 2017

5th – 7th July 2017, RICT 2017, Toulouse, France

23rd – 25th May 2017, Bio-IT World and Expo , Boston, MA, USA

18th May 2017, Symposium on Streamlining Drug Discovery, Cambridge, UK

26th May 2017, UK QSAR and Cheminformatics Group, Spring 2017 Meeting , Jealott’s Hill, Berkshire, UK

23rd – 27th April 2017, Drug Discovery Chemistry , San Diego, CA, USA

21st April 2017, Symposium on Streamlining Drug Discovery, San Diego, CA, USA

2nd – 6th April 2017, ACS Spring 2017 National Meeting & Exposition , San Francisco, CA, USA

21st-23rd February 2017, Drug Discovery Re-invented , Cancun, Mexico

These are the events we attended in 2016

12th - 16th June 2017, World Preclinical Congress, Boston, MA, USA

13th-17th November 2016, AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition , Denver, USA

14th-16th November 2016, World Preclinical Congress Europe , Lisbon, Europe

12th October 2016, Cheminformatics for Drug Design: Data, Models and Tools , Duxford, UK

22nd September 2016, International Symposium on Streamlining Drug Discovery, Basel, Switzerland

4th-8th September 2016, EuroQSAR, Verona, Italy

28th August-1st September 2016, XXIV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Manchester, UK

21st-25th August 2016, ACS Fall 2016 National Meeting and Exposition, Philadelphia, USA.

6th-8th July 2016, RICT 2016, Caen, France

26th-29th June 2016, National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, Chicago, USA

14th-17th June 2016, World Preclinical Congress, Boston, USA

12th-16th June 2016, 11th International ISSX Meeting, Busan, Korea

29th April 2016, 5th Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium (ACSS), Boston, USA

19th-22nd April 2016, Drug Discovery Chemistry, San Diego, USA

14th April 2016, Streamlining Drug Discovery and Development: Leveraging Data Analysis and Modelling for Design, San Francisco, USA

11th April 2016, Streamlining Drug Discovery and Development: Leveraging Data Analysis and Modelling for Design, Cambridge, USA

5th-7th April 2016, Bio.IT World Conference and Expo ’16, Boston, USA

15th-16th March 2016, The UK-QSAR Spring 2016 Joint meeting with Physchem Forum, Stevenage, UK

13th-17th March 2016, ACS Spring 2016 National Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, USA

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