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Knowledge based prediciton of toxicity

Thursday, 18 April 2013 13:58
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David Watson

David Watson gave this presentation at the "Addressing toxicity in drug discovery" workshop during the ACS National Spring Meeting 2013


Toxicity of drug candidates is a major cause of expensive, late stage failure in pre-clinical and clinical development.  In this presentation, David introduced Lhasa's world-leading technology for knowledge-based prediction of key toxicities.  Using data from published and donated (unpublished) sources, their Derek Nexus tool identifies structure-toxicity relationships that alert users to the potential of compounds causing toxicity.

Derek Nexus Alert

A copy of David's slides is available as a PDF file.

Comments (2)
  • Good Insight to predict Toxicity
    rajeevsingla26 Registered
    A great piece of work. Thanks a lot for sharing such meaningful information.
  • Bravo
    garbaus2000 Registered
    I am highly elated by this wealth of scholarly presentation. Thanks.
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