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Improving Drug Discovery Efficiency via In Silico Calculation of Properties

Tuesday, 13 October 2009 14:01
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Dan Ortwine

Dan Ortwine gave this presentation as part of a workshop at the ISSX North American meeting in Baltimore, MD, USA, 2009.

The workshop, titled Effectively Using In Vitro Data, In Silico Models and Data Mining at Early Stage Drug Development had the following introduction:

At the early stages of drug discovery there are large numbers of compounds synthesized to examine the chemical landscape needed for discovering the lead compounds. Chemical diversity plays a key role at this stage to increase the probability of success when narrowing down to clinical candidates. In this workshop, we will discuss a number of currently available in vitro assays and in silico tools and how they are complementary. We hope by the end of the workshop to provide a platform for decision making purposes in early drug discovery.

These are the slides Dan presented:

A copy of Dan's slides are available as a PDF file.

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