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Library Design for Collaborative Drug Discovery: Expanding Druggable Chemogenomic Space

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 17:17
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Kazuyoshi Ikeda

Dr Kazuyoshi Ikeda, Keio University, gave this presentation at the "Streamlining Drug Discovery" symposium held in Tokyo, Japan on 5 June 2018.

Drug discovery data has dramatically increased in the past 20 years due to chemical genomics and automation of screening methods. As a result, we know that chemical space is still immense, and thus it is important to find lead compounds efficiently in the early phases by utilizing information from past drug discovery projects. Recently, collaborative approaches using in silico methods have been successful in expanding the druggable chemical space of screening libraries and identifying hit/lead compounds. Our group (Keio Univ) is constructing an informatics system for analyzing diversity of the compound library collected from a drug discovery screening consortium in Japan. During the talk I will outline examples of how we utilise recent informatics technologies to efficiently design chemical libraries and identify targets.

You can download this presentation as a PDF.

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