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Publications & Presentations

Imputation of Sensory Properties Using Deep Learning

Abstract Predicting the sensory properties of compounds is challenging due to the subjective nature of the experimental measurements. ... Read More

Innovate UK Funded Project Results in Next-Generation AI Drug Discovery Technology

International Pharmaceutical Industry : Spring 2021 Vol 13:1 Introduction A promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it will ... Read More


SpotRM Plug-in for StarDrop

This script enables you to search SpotRM to identify the structural features of your molecules that might lead to the formation of ... Read More

Phenaris Transporter Models

This script provides the ability to run Phenaris’ transporter models and return the results directly into StarDrop. To use this tool, ... Read More


Ligand-based drug design using Surflex eSim 3D

This worked example uses StarDrop’s Surflex eSim3D module to assess a small library of compounds for their similarity to known Heat ... Read More

Reaction-based Library Enumeration

In this example, we are going to use the reaction-based library enumeration feature in StarDrop’s Nova module to generate a library of ... Read More


Harnessing Generative Chemistry: webinar

In this webinar, we ask;'Why have generative chemistry methods been unable to redefine modern drug discovery and compound idea ... Read More

Imputation of Sensory Properties Using Deep Learning: webinar

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Augmented Chemistry®, a unique deep learning method, can learn from higher throughput data together Read More

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